About Us

Fujian Footwear Australia was established back 1988, the company which is now based at 24 McDonalds Lane, Mulgrave, Victoria 3170 is approximately 25 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD.

Over the last 22 years Fujian Footwear Australia has worked tirelessly on its way to becoming recognized as one of Australia's leading importers and distributors of fine quality footwear across the three main categories of comfort, fashion, and casual.

Fujian Footwear Australia is a dynamic company with forward thinking directors, Fujian Footwear Australia believe in the future of the Australian shoe industry, and whilst the company is very conscious of change Fujian Footwear Australia deliver two new seasonal ranges each year as well as interim ranges in between which closely follow the current global markets fashion trends.

Fujian Footwear Australia currently have sales offices or sales agents based in Sydney, Brisbane, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.


Fujian Footwear Australia's major customers include major department stores, major discount stores, leading independent stores, specialty stores, fashion stores and many more.